7 years, over 7 million acres, 1 comprehensive tool

Validator is a unique web tool that consolidates current and historical agronomic data, allowing farmers to benchmark yield performance and increase ROI. Developed with insights from 150 square foot precision, Validator has the most comprehensive and highest quality ag data set available.

Validator is an application which shows yield, yield gap, and ROI potential in bushels and dollars. Growers can benchmark by percentile or bushels per acre, and export management zones as KML or Shapefiles to share with the agronomist and other stakeholders.

Farming wins with Validator

Validator is available to growers exclusively through our partner GiSC, the fastest growing farmers’ cooperative. Find Out More.

  • Data set collected over 7 years and 1.3 billion microfields of data
  • Benchmark soil, crop type, and geographical location
  • Evaluate your “True ROI” in bushels per acre, percentile, and dollars
  • Understand and benchmark fields down to the subfield agronomic level
  • Gain membership to a powerful collaboration platform
  • 5 years of data insights for $2.50/ac. Or a single year for $.85/ac.

“Our objective is to serve as the farmers’ advocate, an independent source of decision-making tools based on data and data science common to other leading industries. We now have data in the quantity and quality required to address the major problems and leverage the opportunities facing growers, and are able to provide tools that can positively impact their operations now and in the future.”

— Ron T. LeMay, CEO of MainSt Data.


Winner of the 2015 New Economy Award for Best Agriculture Solutions

— New Economy Magazine

Validator Pricing & Features

Validator pricing and feature comparison

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Product Screenshots

Portfolio view in Validator, comparing actual BPA to benchmark
The full portfolio view of 6 fields in Validator, comparing actual bushels per acre over the benchmark for soybeans in 2017.
Benchmark zones within a field on Validator
Benchmark zones in Validator, automatically drawn by the application.
Validator view of one field, showing actual BPA
A Validator view of one field, showing bushels per acre down to 150 square feet.
Validator yield gap view of a field
A Validator view of one field’s yield gap, showing high performing areas in blue and opportunity areas in orange.